Brickwork and Building in Nottingham

Bricklaying and Building in NottinghamOur resident bricklayer, Nat McLaughlin,  has been laying bricks since he left school in 1999.  Having spent many years working for contractors and on building sites Nat brings an expertise unmatched by many others, with bricklaying skills of a high enough standard to manage the even the most intricate and complex of projects.

Specialising in aesthetic brickwork, Nat especially likes making attractively finished walls with inlays, pillars, patterns and anything else that looks nice.

Brickwork repair and restorationIf you are in need of restorative or repair work then McLaughlin Builders should be your first call. Expertly matching the original bricks and cement color as closely as possible, McLaughlin Builders will make sure you will find it extremely difficult to notice any work has even been done!

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